Put clients and their projects first

We promise to approach business, ideas and clients the way that most other businesses forget to — with heart. We aim to care both about the clients and their project and the potential it has to be something revolutionary. We do not settle for “good enough” and we’re certainly not satisfied until the client is. We are driven, competent, and we take our work seriously. And when all is said and done, we’ll be wanting to celebrate and our clients will be the first on our invite list.

Reach true levels of awesome

We promise to take ideas and make them into something incredible — from a small sketch or even one word to a complete business — or personal — portfolio. We aim to do that by taking the time and appropriate effort to do the job right the first time — to join forces with our clients in creating and subsequently executing those ideas. 

To do awesome things - with heart

We care about our clients’ projects but the client always comes first. We promise to act with respect, dignity, honesty and integrity when dealing with any client or potential client. We will speak, act and conduct ourselves with professionalism and will not accept anything less from those we do business with. We believe in mutual partnerships that go beyond just the project at hand.

We care about our community and as such, we are committed to giving back wherever possible. By hosting and participating in events for charities and charitable organizations, we aim to show our commitment to doing the right thing. We have committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to charities or charitable organizations that are close to our hearts and share Shallwi's vision. We aim to leave the world better by having been a part of it.

Aim for greatness

We aim to continually grow both as individual professionals and as a business. The process of learning never ends and we aim to do our best to accept any and all opportunities and challenges that we may face.

Do the right thing

We aim to stand by what we offer and the commitments we make. We aim to maintain close relationships with our clients and plan to remain truly transparent in our conduct. If for some reason we are unable to follow through, we will work together with our client to come to a resolution that is satisfactory for everyone.

We also aim to stand up for ourselves and our clients should the situation arise. Everyone deserves respect and dignity and we will not settle for anything less. We are a company that cares and we will stand by those who need the support.